Building A Teaching And Research Platform With The Excellent Tenveo Remote Training System

- Nov 16, 2018 -

Building a teaching and research platform with the excellent Tenveo remote training system

Building a teaching and research platform with the excellent Tenveo remote training system (2)

Tenveo provides cloud service education industry solutions to subvert the concept of traditional education and introduce advanced “cloud video” technology. Tenveo remote training system creates the most authoritative teaching and research platform with its unique industry model to create the most shocking learning. Experience.


Many educational and training institutions have opened up a network remote education remote training institution by means of the influence of the Internet. It is a relatively unique educational remote training method. Network distance education is to learn knowledge through computers and networks. Compared with traditional training methods, it breaks through the limitations of time and space and geography. In real sense, it can be learned anytime and anywhere, and students can also meet face-to-face with teachers through multimedia. To make the teaching effect more prominent. Of course, in order to realize this kind of network distance education, it is necessary to apply the cloud service education industry solution provided by Tenveo remote training system, in order to build the network distance education platform.


Tenveo's remote training system continuously reforms the education model, providing a complete set of online school solutions for schools, training institutions, tutoring, online education entrepreneurs, personal teachers, etc., including real-time interactive online classrooms, courseware on demand, exam systems, interactive Q&A, Online payment purchase courses, powerful back-office settlement and management functions, and a professional technical service team provide comprehensive analysis and management support for your operations, allowing you to focus on the business development in the field of education without any worries.


Based on cloud services, Tenveo's remote training system combines high-definition video distribution management, live broadcast, on-demand, video playback statistics and other video professional modules with modern online education courseware video playback. With the Tenveo Remote Training System, you can freely arrange advanced lecturers to teach according to your own schedule. You can set and play the course regardless of time and place, so that lecturers and students can freely arrange time for teaching. Using the management platform of Tenveo's remote training system, through online remote education, students can provide a variety of online education methods such as online video lectures, on-demand video broadcasts, and resource grouping of course videos, which are highly liberalized.


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