How Can An Efficient Video Conference Be Interrupted By Intermittent Sound!

- Nov 19, 2018 -

How can an efficient video conference be interrupted by intermittent sound!

omnidirectional microphone (3)

In a video conference, if the audio is not guaranteed to be clear and fluent, then the value of this conference is infinitely close to zero.


There was a case that we wanna share with,according to Mr David from A company, their meeting was mainly to communicate with the head of the head office about the logistics of the double eleven promotion, because the road to the head office was too far away, and time was not allowed. David was responsible for several of them in the branch. Participated in the meeting through the form of a video conference.


But the problem came. The voice of a leader of the head office was relatively small. He was far away from the microphone, and there was intermittent sound. As a result, David had to listen to the recordings several times.


For those who don't have experience or expertise in video conferencing, improving the quality of pickup through hardware is the easiest and most straightforward method.


In order to solve the problem of unclear pickup, an omnidirectional microphone is enough.


Tenveo puch a easy-to-use omnidirectional microphone model A300,supports 360° omni-directional sound pickup, full-duplex two-way clear talk, driverless installation, and USB plug and play.Otherwise,we specially design another one A300B,which is with the Bluetooth that is particularly for the users who pursue the portability.


In terms of appearance, the eye-catching side uses an aluminum mesh design. In terms of functions, the button settings are simple and clear, and different states are indicated by color changes, and the operation is simple.


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