Qality First, Tenveo Video And Public Education Institutions Go Forward Together

- Nov 22, 2018 -

Qality first, Tenveo video and public education institutions go forward together


Qality first, Tenveo video and public education institutions go forward together

The past year has been the most lively year in the field of education in recent years! The continuous advancement of science and technology has brought continuous innovation and upgrading to the entire industry. 15 to 17 years ago, live teaching is still a teaching method that educational institutions are keen on. At the end of 16th, a new model of "online + offline" was combined - the double-teacher class began to be known by educational institutions, and the new Oriental, good future education giant Under the good reputation of the layout application, after a year of development, the double-teacher class has been fully popularized in the field of education.


As we all know, the teaching method of the double-teacher class is that a famous teacher remotely synchronizes the classes for the students in multiple classrooms, and conducts real-time online interactive communication with the students in different classrooms through the dual-teacher classroom system, so that more students can reach the famous teacher class and enjoy. Better quality teaching content. On the one hand, this innovative teaching model solves the problem of poor live broadcast interaction, and on the other hand, it can effectively solve the problem of limited resources of famous teachers in third- and fourth-tier cities.


As a service provider with mature deployment solutions in the industry, Dongbo Video has always been committed to providing users with high-quality, cost-effective dual-teacher classroom system solutions, dedicated to creating 1080P immersive dual-class classroom effects, so that more students and famous teachers " Face to face, enjoy the true double classroom teaching experience.


In order to let users experience the real class effect of the dual-teaching classroom deployed by Tenveo video, Tenveo Video has successfully deployed the actual experience center of the dual-teacher classroom in Shenzhen for the leaders of the major education and training to visit.


Tenveo video dual-class classroom live experience


In the on-site experience, Tenveo video staff and teachers in various teaching and training institutions conducted on-site interactive classroom Q&A simulations. The user actually participates in the classroom and interacts with the teacher's face-to-face two-way audio and video interaction. The remote teacher's real-life ratio is restored and clearly displayed in the student-side classroom. During the whole classroom interaction process, the audio and video is clear and smooth, no card is stuck, and the teacher's question is received in real time. And timely feedback to the teacher, the real-time board mark, as the "face-to-face" class effect, get the consistent recognition of the agency leaders who went to the experience.


The experience of our successful Tenveo video client Wendu Education Group's dual-master system, let the educational institutions leaders who visited the experience in different regions, in the student and teacher, feel the classroom interaction of a classroom to bring multiple classrooms to synchronize classes. effect.


Tenveo Video continues to be the leader in the dual-teacher system deployment


Since then, Tenveo Video will further clarify its positioning, continue to take advantage of our system, upgrade system solutions, and develop a cost-effective dual-master system solution for small and medium-sized training institutions, so that more small and medium-sized organizations can optimize the solution, the best configuration, and the lowest. Cost begins the dual-teaching mode.


At the same time, Tenveo Video continued to develop its education market in 2019, creating a campus plan for the whole city, to experience the true dual-class classroom effect of Tenveo video, and experience the immersive and realistic classroom interaction created by Tenveo video.


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