Solve The Problems Of Branch Offices In Different Places. Cloud Conferences Help Enterprises Informatization

- Nov 24, 2018 -

Solve the problems of branch offices in different places. Cloud conferences help enterprises informatization


Today, as the world gradually enters into information, the way people communicate with each other has been from simple use of paper and pen to communication, to communication methods such as mail and telephone, but the effectiveness of communication in human communication and communication. Greatly depends on face-to-face visual effects. Therefore, although there are traditional communication tools such as telephone, information, and mail, people still enjoy the real communication effect and enjoy the business trip.


However, for enterprises, the traditional face-to-face communication method will consume a lot of working time and high travel expenses, resulting in increased costs and reduced work efficiency. In the era of efficiency first, demand has promoted the development of video technology. Video conferencing can provide direct communication and communication for enterprises, and has the advantages of saving communication time, reducing operating costs, improving work efficiency, etc., and has been favored by enterprises. Many companies hope to build a video conferencing solution based on their needs to improve the efficiency of enterprise management and operations.


As the world's leading provider of cloud video solutions and services,Tenveo has provided cloud video solutions for government, education, medical, construction, finance, insurance and other industries for 18 years. And launched a cloud conference service platform to provide business customers with cost-effective video rental services to meet the needs of different enterprises.


1. Tailor-made video conferencing solutions for enterprises


When enterprises have long-distance communication needs,Tenveo can provide small-sized conference rooms, medium-sized conference rooms, and large-scale conference room hardware terminals according to the size of the conference rooms of the enterprise. Not only can 720P HD to 4K full-coded full decoding be provided. The video conferencing products are available for enterprises to choose from, and they also have self-built or rented services. Enterprises only need to choose the products that suit them and pay as needed.


2. Helping enterprises improve communication efficiency


When there is meeting demand in the enterprise, Tenveo video conferencing products can meet the needs of enterprises to communicate anytime and anywhere. Tenveo hardware terminals, computers, and mobile phones all support conference-initiating functions, either before or during the conference, as long as they have a network. Use 4G, WiFi and other networks to invite people to join the conference based on the organizational structure of the enterprise or enter the mobile phone number. Participants can receive online ringing, SMS, email notifications in real time, and use mobile devices such as mobile phones, PCs, and tablets to join at any time. Meetings to meet the needs of enterprises to improve employee productivity and collaborative work.


In addition, the Tenveo video conferencing system also has a sharing function. When a video conference is held, the company can also push PPT, Word, audio and video, etc. to the video conference synchronously, so that the participants can clearly and intuitively see the contents of the file. Really provide high-quality, low-cost video conferencing products for enterprises to meet the needs of enterprises in different places.

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