Tenveo Video Conference Helps Judicial Administration Work To Speed Up And Increase Efficiency

- Nov 07, 2018 -

Tenveo video conference helps judicial administration work to speed up and increase efficiency

Tenveo video conference helps judicial administration work to speed up and increase efficiency

Strengthening the construction of judicial administration information is a strategic choice in line with the development trend of the information revolution era, an inevitable requirement for improving work efficiency and enhancing social credibility, and an urgent need to realize the new development of judicial administration. Taking the construction of network, data, hardware, technology and standards as the main body, we will strengthen the infrastructure construction of judicial administration information; with the goal of comprehensive integration, business synergy and information sharing, we will strengthen the construction of comprehensive administrative information platform for judicial administration; Strengthen the credibility of the society as the pursuit of value, and vigorously strengthen the capacity building of judicial administration information application; the simultaneous advancement of security and development, and the strengthening of the judicial security network security defense capacity building are the requirements of the state and society.


With the full popularity of information technology applications, the importance of video conferencing in judicial work is increasingly apparent. The "video conference + judicial administration" approach promoted judicial administrative innovation services and broke the barriers to information exchange. Through the establishment of a video conference system centered on the office building, the Judicial Administrative Legal Service Center, the Legal Aid Center, various judicial offices, and the notary office, the legal consultation video solution, online guidance dispute mediation, legal aid first-instruction guidance, distance education Training and other functions. By exploring the online and offline integration of public legal services, the judicial administration interacts with the citizens. The ordinary people can “consult the lawyers” without leaving the house, and they can also obtain “rule of law, administrative examination and approval, convenience service, interactive politics, people’s mediation, Various judicial administrative services such as remote video assistance and law enforcement public information release, improve the efficiency of judicial administration, and realize zero-day management and zero-distance command.


The main applications of Youin video conferencing in judicial administration are:


1) Executive Council


The system is used for 1080p video codec technology and high-fidelity wide audio processing technology, and supports high-definition picture synthesis and multi-level cascading functions to meet the judicial network's entire network or partial work meetings, important event reports, spiritual communication, work guidelines and policies. The convening of various daily meetings such as missions.


2) Work communication


In daily work, there are a lot of work that requires face-to-face communication, such as organizing interviews and cadre assessments. Through this system, leaders or government officials can complete these tasks autonomously and easily through the video terminal in the office, greatly improving work efficiency.


3) Training and education


In order to strengthen the building of the cadre of the judiciary, all levels of organs need to systematically train the cadres of the organs. Based on this system, the organs at all levels can conduct remote training for the cadres at any time and any place, and realize the simultaneous transmission of lecturers and high-definition video courseware through the powerful dual-stream function of the system. Meet the needs of multi-level, diversified training and education, and improve training efficiency.


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