Tenveo Video Conferencing + Education To Facilitate Education And Training

- Nov 26, 2018 -

Tenveo video conferencing + education to facilitate education and training

Tenveo video conferencing + education to facilitate education and training 

1.      The distance learning platform is convenient and fast, and the children can take professional tutoring classes at home.

Educational institutions use the network video conferencing system to build a distance learning platform. The educational organization headquarters or branch uses hardware conference terminals. Tutors and students can choose to use hardware or software terminals. The networked software conference terminal can be used in mobile terminals such as computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Teachers, students, and parents can realize face-to-face communication in their homes. The teacher attends the tutoring class at home, and the parents accompany the students to attend classes without leaving the house, which is free from the boat and saves time and costs. Professional matters are given to professional people to do, parents no longer have to personally teach their children to learn, violent, affecting physical health.

2.      The distance learning platform is safe and stable, creating a good learning environment for children.

Using the distance learning platform established by the Tenveo conference system, the Tenveo will connect to the cloud conference platform. That is, Tongyun platform has deployed hundreds of servers in major fulcrums in the country and in foreign countries such as Singapore. The network technicians provide 7*24 hours of service to ensure security and stability. The same room can meet the interactive training needs of dozens to tens of thousands of people, regardless of the number of students, teachers do not have to worry about the stability of the platform, to meet the needs of large training institutions.

3.  Distance education platform saves resources for educational institutions

Using the Tenveo distance education platform, students and teachers from different places can log in to the classroom separately. Students can choose to log in on mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc., whether they are at home or on the road. For educational institutions, students do not have to attend classes in the classroom to save space resources. The Tenveo Distance Education Class also features document sharing and an electronic whiteboard function to help students understand the content of the class and speed up the learning process.

The distance learning platform based on the Tenveo video conferencing system can be trained without leaving home. Making training so simple, and making accompanying is no longer a problem for parents. At the same time, the Tenveo video conferencing system has also created new business opportunities for educational institutions.

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