Tenveo Video Conferencing Solves Corporate Communication Challenges

- Nov 07, 2018 -

Tenveo video conferencing solves corporate communication challenges

Tenveo video conferencing solves corporate communication challenges (3)

Communication is an eternal topic in the construction of interpersonal relationships. Communication is also a powerful guarantee for the smooth development of the project. A survey shows that about 70% of project managers spend time on information communication, which shows the importance of “information communication” in the project construction process.


"Conference communication" is a relatively high-cost communication method. Communication time is generally long, so it is often used to solve more serious and complicated problems. “E-Mail (or written communication)” is a relatively economical way to pass the communication. The communication time is generally not long, and the communication cost is also low. This type of communication is generally not subject to site restrictions and is generally used when solving simpler problems or posting information. “Face to face communication” is a natural and close communication method, which can often deepen the friendship between each other and accelerate the release of the problem.


In the event of an emergency, the use of letters, multiple responses to the problem can not be resolved, and even cause misunderstanding. Tenveo video conferencing solutions replace traditional telephony, E-mail and off-site travel with immersive visual remote communication, enabling users to communicate efficiently, quickly, and respond with greater efficiency and cost. Such requirements, to provide users with a more effective communication platform and a faster response mechanism. Whether it is market analysis, communication between customers and employee training, you can achieve "face-to-face" communication and collaboration, real-time interaction, timely discovery and problem solving! This will help enterprise users to win opportunities in the ever-changing competitive environment and achieve sustained and rapid development.


The video conferencing system is a relatively economical communication method, which can be attended by many people at the same time, and the communication cost is low. Many companies believe that the investment in the previous video conference requires a certain cost, but after using it, the cost can be recovered in about 3 months, and the cost will be saved in the future, and it will be a one-time purchase and benefit for life. Tenveo video conferencing is an economical, economical, and efficient way to communicate.

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