Tenveo Video Joins Hands With Bodhi Medical Group To Create A Smart Medical Cloud Video Platform

- Nov 21, 2018 -

Tenveo Video joins hands with Bodhi Medical Group to create a smart medical cloud video platform

Tenveo Video joins hands with Bodhi Medical Group to create a smart medical cloud video platform

In recent years, with the rapid development of information technology, the transformation of traditional medical care has entered the era of intelligent medical information. For a long time, China has faced the medical status quo of “overcrowding in large hospitals and small hospitals”. The distribution of medical resources is uneven. The change of the status quo requires the interconnection of primary hospitals and large hospitals, the establishment of medical associations, the sharing of medical resources between lower and upper levels, medical information and Real-time online interconnection of data.


Bodhi Medical Platform is a company with advanced hospital management concept, professional hospital information system, and perfect doctor training system. It is based on investment and custody hospitals, with contracted doctors as the core, information system as the platform, and supply chain coordination as the characteristics. The hospital's management efficiency and the release of doctors' value have formed a sound medical system for health management, special department building and disease management. Committed to building medical information platforms, smart hospitals and telemedicine platforms, and fully promote the classification and treatment. In the end, Bodhi Hospital selected Dongbo Video Customized Medical Cloud Service, customized interface, remote consultation, distance learning, diagnosis, etc., unified medical video cloud platform and medical information platform docked to build a medical cloud ecosystem service system.


Tenveo Video is a video platform designed by Bodhi Medical. It integrates with existing system platforms to realize multi-scenario applications such as daily video conferencing, daily rounds, remote video consultation, and remote surgery teaching and training. In the unified medical platform, it cooperates with various medical data and information to greatly improve the management of patients and provide patients with high-quality video diagnosis and treatment service experience.


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