Travel Expenses Are Too High? Boss, Video Conference To Understand

- Nov 20, 2018 -

Travel expenses are too high? Boss, video conference to understand

Travel expenses are too high Boss, video conference to understand

When the monthly summary meeting was just finished, A boss couldn’t sit still. He pointed to the thickest travel reimbursement form handed over by the branches and said to the chief executive: “We can’t have this meeting anymore, these months. The higher the travel expenses, the higher the cost of various meetings, and with the increasing number of branches and more people, the company’s one-month net profit subsidy meeting..."


Why is the company's travel expenses getting higher and higher?


According to the recent market conditions, air tickets, high-speed rail tickets, and oil prices have all gone up. This means that employees go to the field to meet, whether by plane, by train or by car, the traffic expenses have increased, and it is said that it will rise in the future. Up to 10% of the accommodation costs have been raised before, and the travel expenses have increased by 30% per person. How to break the rising "Conference Tiger"? How to solve the problem.


As the company's development is getting better and better, the company's business has gradually expanded to all parts of the country, and branches of various provinces and cities have also been established, which means that national conferences are becoming more and more commonplace.


For example, the company's headquarters regularly organizes business communication meetings, monthly meetings, quarterly meetings, semi-annual meetings, temporary mobilization meetings, etc., and the company's major strategic deployment also requires the timely guidance of the leaders and backbones of each branch.


In the past, most enterprises, like government agencies, used traditional meetings. All participants needed to travel from the local area to the meeting place to meet. There are many distant colleagues who need to take a train overnight to get to the headquarters. The two-hour meeting and even the need to stay in the local area, the feeling for most people is very hard and exhausted.


Moreover, because shopping malls, such as the battlefield, business opportunities are fleeting, some important strategic steps have missed the best business opportunities in the process of traditional meeting arrangements.


In addition, for the company's core executives, the impression is very profound. It is obvious that the team with high efficiency and strong combat strength in the initial stage is now inefficient, and the morale is very low due to physical fatigue. The affects the company's development has gradually slowed down.

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