Video Conference: See How Tenveo Is Going The Original Road Of China's Wisdom

- Nov 26, 2018 -

Video conference: See how Tenveo is going the original road of "China's wisdom"

Video conference See how Tenveo is going the original road of China's wisdom

Through this matter, we have come to the conclusion that full self-innovation is particularly important in the current transformation of Chinese manufacturing to China's intellectual development. The same is true for the video conferencing industry. As the world's leading provider of cloud video solutions and services, Tenveo has always followed the party's leadership and is striving to achieve "Made in China 2025."


Since its inception in 2001, Tenveo has provided cloud video solutions for a variety of industries including government, education, healthcare, construction, finance, insurance, etc., covering video conferencing, remote training, interactive recording, telemedicine, video access, Practical applications such as emergency video command. It also has strong independent research and development capabilities for digital and networked video products, and has a number of national patent products and software product copyrights.

Tenveo launched the instant cloud video service platform in 2008. The platform is based on cloud computing technology and adopts a virtualized and distributed operation architecture. Through this platform, we can provide customers with low-cost, high-performance cloud. Calculate video services. The platform supports load balancing, real-time hot standby, and the most "near" routing technology. The same room can meet the interactive training and meeting requirements of dozens to tens of thousands of people.


What are the advantages of the network video conferencing system?

Support 16 participants to speak at the same time and 36 channels of video display at the same time, to meet the needs of the meeting to the maximum extent.

The client supports simultaneous acquisition of 16 channels of video, and supports up to 6 channels of large-screen display output to completely reproduce the remote site from all angles.

The system adopts the patented RUDP video transmission technology, which can automatically eliminate up to 30% of network packet loss and ensure clear and smooth video.

Hardware terminals, computers, and mobile phones all support conference initiation functions. Both before and during the conference, you can invite people to join based on the organizational structure and personal address book.

Upload local PPT, word, audio and video to the video conference at any time, and do not need to install virtual print driver.

The network video conferencing system always adheres to the concept of independent innovation and independent research and development, and brings excellent video experience to enterprises.

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