Video Conference System And Its Application

- Jan 18, 2017 -

H.323 protocol standards, comply with the ITU's H.323 video conference system video Protocols. H.323 standard includes audio, video and data communications on a packet-switched network, solve point-to-point and multipoint video conferences, such as the call session control, multimedia and bandwidth control, and so on. H.323 reference T.120 protocol to process data exchange. H.323 has the following advantages. H.323 protocol is designed to run on the common network architecture, network independence. H.323 protocols provide network bandwidth management function, capable of concurrent H.323 connections in the network and H.323 applications limits the amount of bandwidth available. H.323 provides a connection based on circuit-switched, or ISDN video conferencing tools. H.323 support multipoint conferences and Conference broadcast (multicast). H.323 implementation interoperability of multimedia products and applications of different manufacturers, and so on.

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