Video Conferencing Into The Cloud Era

- Nov 08, 2018 -

Video conferencing into the cloud era

Video conferencing into the cloud era (2)

In the past two years, cloud computing has brought the concept of SaaS, which has brought the video conferencing industry into the era of rent, and also promoted the development of video conferencing. The name of "cloud computing" of software video conferencing providers has sprung up rapidly, one night. There is a state of contending for a hundred books, and many jagged manufacturers also dazzle users and cannot move on.


In order to catch up with the cloud video conference, many "stars rising" expressed a big fishing, playing a copy, directly ODM other home products, directly changing the logo to the market. Facing such a complicated situation How do business users polish their eyes and buy products that are really suitable for them? The most important thing is to buy before judging and confirming:


First: independent research and development


Visit the website or see if the supplier has a professional R&D team from the other side, focusing on video conferencing product development. The products have independent intellectual property rights and related qualifications. For example, Gifted is a company with independent intellectual property cloud conference manufacturers. The company has a professional R & D team to ensure product quality.


Second: Is there an audio-visual product line?


The main products include: video conferencing system, remote video surveillance system, remote training system, remote video broadcasting system, remote diagnosis and processing system.


Third: Is there a perfect service system?


Video conferencing Today, many users no longer need a program, but need a complete solution. This project includes pre-sales technical support, sales problem processing and after-sales product maintenance. A mature video conferencing provider tends to give users A comprehensive solution consisting of three content blocks and a complete industry solution provided by the customer.


The above three confirmations, users can basically start from the deployment. Video conferencing cloud warfare will continue, so users should be more careful to confirm through the above, carefully choose. Selecting rights will be half of the effort to experience efficient communication and welfare; choose the wrong things It will be counterproductive and waste valuable business time.


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