Video Conferencing Promotes Information Education

- Nov 27, 2018 -

Video conferencing promotes information education

Video conferencing promotes information education

China's education is facing a new transformation from traditional education to information-based education. The intelligent management system of educational information, the integration of educational resources and the full application of educational resources have become one of the most concerned and urgently needed problems in national education.


With the rapid development of Internet communication technology and data service transmission capability, the application of network multimedia communication in the education industry is an inevitable trend. With the rapid development of remote video conferences in recent years, this has also brought about a substantial improvement in the informationization of education. Various forms of telematics education, such as remote training, online education, telecommuting and fortune guidance, video conferencing systems have been fully applied in information education.


Video conferencing systems can provide information education:


1.Remote work conference, video conference system can hold daily meetings at any time, reduce the cost of travel meetings, shorten the time consumption, and create a work space for multi-person sharing and communication barrier-free.


2.educational academic exchanges and remote training, video conferencing has powerful data operation functions: document sharing, shared whiteboard, collaborative browsing, file downloading, key annotation, etc., so that teachers everywhere can share various texts, graphics, data, Reports and other information, in-depth discussion and repeated revision of the teaching questions in the voice and video exchange, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of joint improvement.


3.Switching distance education, teaching observation, resource sharing, network collaborative education and other functions can solve the problem of synchronous education in different time and different space for educational informationization.


The video conferencing system has a high degree of practicability, ease of use, and security in the education industry. It provides a good operating platform for distance education. It is a green, efficient, and face-to-face teaching and research platform that makes education information truly. It has become a new starting point for information education in the new era by implementing synchronous intelligent management without time and space constraints.


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