What Kind Of Efficient Communication Platform Does The Company Need?

- Nov 19, 2018 -

What kind of efficient communication platform does the company need?

What kind of efficient communication platform does the company need (2)

In recent years, the rise of the mobile Internet is driving people's communication model to be immediacy and scene. In the new communication mode, the communication method based on text, voice or video alone can no longer meet people's needs for communication convenience and efficiency. At the same time, in the process of accelerating the embrace of the Internet in various industries, converged and integrated instant messaging and video services are frequently applied to multi-scene services.


With the rapid rise of the enterprise-level service market, more user usage scenarios have been dig deeper, and new business application scenarios have emerged. Scenario communication and video cloud service requirements are increasingly integrated, and high requirements are put forward in terms of stability, reliability, availability, and ease of expansion.


1.User needs are refined, Tenveo service to solve


When the scenes of the Internet and business flow are more and more refined, the business communication model has also changed from traditional self-deployment to platform-based services. With a business communication platform, companies can get more efficient and low-cost communication services.


Tenveo provides enterprises with a new cloud-based business communication model, integrating video communication, voice communication, text communication, data communication and other methods, providing enterprises with a variety of forms and rich content of business communication.


2.From software to services, companies need more agile transaction processing capabilities


In the field of enterprise services, users hope that the products can meet the needs of many scenarios, and hope that the products can support the development of various businesses. Based on this background, companies need to have the ability to collect customer feedback suggestions and handle issues more agilely. The traditional customer feedback channel is a call center mode based on voice communication, but this mode is difficult for some customers to meet the demand. Tenveo Technology can provide video-based video customer service to help companies conduct more personalized customer feedback services.


3.Work together, need a simple start


As companies continue to grow, more and more employees need to work together. However, the high cost of hardware purchases and communication costs has discouraged many SMEs.


Timely meetings can meet the usage scenarios of individuals and small and micro enterprises to meet quickly, and meet the reservations of large and medium-sized enterprise customers.


Tenveo can pay for it on demand, greatly reducing the cost of meetings. The ability to join, share the screen, multi-party join, etc., safe, stable, smooth, timely and efficient, fully meet the needs of customers, adapt to more customer scenarios, and make business communication simple.


Tenveo Technology will provide more innovative products and services, provide enterprises with an efficient business communication platform, make the technical advantages and service advantages of communication and video to the ground, and bring strong driving force for business development of more enterprises.


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